God is punishing Lawyer Sosu, according Francis Agyare ex-con he helped free from Prison after 14 years.


In what seemed to be a one sided tale of the predicament facing Lawyer Francis-Xavier Sosu stemming from his ban by the General Legal Council for 3 years, the man who’s petition seems to have landed the famous human rights lawyer in this hot soup was granted an open access no questions asked interview by JoyFM which was aired twice on their breakfast show this morning.


As per the word of the Host Nhyira Addo; Lawyer Sosu couldn’t be reached for comment.


Here is what a listener gleaned from the account of Francis Agyare the man who was wrongly sent to prison for 14 years & was released through the intervention of the Justice for All legal aid program and won a compensation from the state through the intervention of Lawyer Sosu had to say;





1. That, Mr. Francis Sosu never got him out of jail, and he Mr. Agyare filed a motion and got released under the Justice for All program. This point is critical because the ungratefulness i read from most people is that Sosu should have left him to rot in jail. Mr. Agyare says when he got out of jail his plight was broadcasted on Metro and that is where a journalist there linked him with Counsel Sosu to appeal his wrongful conviction and get compensated.


2. That he met Counsel Sosu at Adenta where he promised to help him Agyare secure a good compensation and that his law firm shall be entitled to the costs and legal fees that will be awarded by the court. He also assured him he can get ¢2million cedis and signed an agreement of 25% of all monies recovered under the suit .


3. The lawyer then promised to take care of him, feed, cloth, house and handle his medical expenses for him. Based on these promises he signed numerous 10% agreements which he said came to almost ¢1.3million cedis.


4. Mr. Agyare said he hadnt seen even 50,000gh before so even if he got just that amount he was okay to go and rent a place and put his life back on track so the legal issues and paperwork was not his interest.


5. Mr. Agyare said number 3 was not being done, the rent never happened and he wasnt getting the support he was promised as the case kept dragging. So he was sleeping at the Independence Square.


6. He said Mr. Sosu took him to a GBA meeting at Cape Coast where he spoke about his story and plight and the lawyers there contributed and he got a sum of ¢1,907.
(This particular story has been confirmed by 2 lawyer friends of mine who were there)
On their way back from Cape he discuss his deteriorating conditions with Mr. Sosu but he continued to assure him and gave him ¢100gh from the money and drop him off in town and told him the money was for him the lawyer.


7. Mr. Agyare said he was contacted and filmed in 4 documentaries mostly from international agents and when he asked to be paid they told him they had paid the money to his AGENT (Mr. Sosu) who really kept him in the dark and was not really aiding him like he promised.


8. Compensation judgement came, which was 204,000gh and the payment kept dragging and Mr. Sosu had become unreachable afterwards. He will virtually struggle to get the lawyer’s attention so he reported the issue to the Ghana Legal Council (GLC) for redress.


9. One morning at his sleeping venue at Independence Square, he joined Women’s Aglow and had an inkling to go to Finance Ministry. This action he did single-handedly and after making contacts got introduced to the Compensations Unit and the Chief Director and he had all the money paid after they assisted him to open a Bank Account. This action happened on Lawyer Sosu’s blind side.


10. He subsequently followed the Finance Ministry officials advice and paid Lawyer Sosu his 25% of the amount and was not interested in the GLC case anymore but Lawyer Sosu was shocked he had been able to retrieve the money (this is the more reason i dont think Mr. Agyare is an illiterate).


11. Lawyer Sosu, told him they should pursue the case at the GLC since he is interested, he said Sosu pleaded NOT GUILTY and that is where he was asked to make refunds since the 25% was illegal and subsequently changed his plea to GUILTY which as the case travelled has led to his BAN.


The GLC has said, Lawyer Sosu charged his client GH¢50,000, which was “excessive” and an “overestimation” for the services rendered, although he [Sosu] had told the client he was offering his legal services for free.


Source: This article was culled from Pope Dee Barnabas IV wall on Facebook.