Ghanaians have no hope in politicians like Joshua Akamba- Koopong Dankwah

Koopong Dankwah

Ghanaians have lost hope in politicians because of people like Joshua Akamba, a national organiser hopeful of the NDC.

A video is going round with him speaking against the President of Ghana and the NPP.

My concern is not what he said in the video but his response after the video came out. Akamba has again stated after the video went out that he felt emotional about the condition of the students and that was why he gave such a speech but can someone tell him that he is being a hypocrite for his emotionality especially since his NDC government led by the corrupt John Dramani Mahama spent almost 8years in power without addressing these concerns being faced by the students.

I can say that Ghanaians have no hope politicians because of characters like Akamba who do politics of convenience and not politics of values and principles

Da Yie

Credit: Koopong Dankwah


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