Ghanaian/UK based Lawyer, blogger & atheist Chris Vincent blast Christians saying Prophet TB Joshua predicted his death

Prophet TB Joshua(left) & Chris Vincent

Since news broke late Saturday night about the untimely demise of popular Nigeria televangelist, philanthropist and founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) Prophet TB Joshua videos have been circulating online purporting to show the man of God predicting his own death but Ghanaian born UK based lawyer and blogger at Ghanacelebrities Chris Vincent Agyapong is having non of it and has called out those circulating the said videos.

Read his full post below…

A lot of the people on the internet do not even know how to use the internet.

First they denied that T.B Joshua is dead and that it’s fake news—now when it becomes obvious that they are deluded, they say he knew when he will die.

This man made a video saying there is more birthdays ahead for him to celebrate—so even if COVID-19 wouldn’t make it possible for him and his members to celebrate his birthday this year, more will come.

And then he dies—where is the evidence he knew he will die on 05 June?

The Cable in Nigeria has reported that the man suffered stroke 2 months ago and was flown to Turkey by air ambulance—and returned later to die.

Your submission is that because he spoke yesterday at his church, he did not suffer any stroke before—foolishly thinking having suffered stroke means all the time you can’t speak or move. Lack of basic knowledge!

Religion breeds ignorance—and impedes against free inquiry and any attempt to promote enlightenment. This is why the most intelligent people are highly likely not to believe in a God—research has confirmed. Before you say otherwise, just Google the research and read.

Death is inevitable. There is no evidence in support of any divine healing powers or ability to tell when exactly a person will die. At best, medicine predicts when a person may die based on their condition.

Believe whatever nonsense you want in life but don’t perch it against the truth or facts.

This is why religion has not place in any intelligent discourse—look at them under my previous posts.

Credit: Chris Vincent Agyapong (Facebook)