Ghanaian girl goes completed Nak3d on Facebook Live to honour truth or dare challenge. 


A Facebook girl called Maame Akua Banks came live on Facebook private group called Naughty Drama all in the name of truth or dare which she claim someone dare her to come on live naked.

This whole thing took everybody in the group surprise to see her really coming on live naked. The Christian’s and respected girls in the group rain all sort of verbal attacks on her but Maame Akua Banks didn’t care. 

She replied everyone that try to stop her. Insulted those she think she had to.

Information reaching means that what the girl did wasn’t a first. She has been on live cam for a good three times and in all the videos, she was naked. Showing her breast and whole sort of naughty things. 

Her live video has made her a celebrity in the group to the extend that now her name has been added to the group tittle name.