Ghana plans to introduce sex offenders’ register


Authorities in Ghana are planning to open a sex offenders’ register to keep names of people convicted of sex-related offences.

The Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit of the Ghana Police Service, along with owning a gun with a domestic violence conviction group has said that the Sex Offenders Register will concentrate on convicted rapists.

The move, they say, is to serve as a reference point for potential employers and deter people from committing sexual offences.

Ghana currently has a universal record of all criminal activities but authorities believe establishing a register specifically for rapists will address the problem of sexual misconduct.



The maximum sentence for rape offenders in the country is 25 years in prison but most victims often find it difficult to report because of stigma.

In 2019, Ghana recorded 369 complaints of rape but convicted only three suspects.

A BBC Africa Eye investigation, broadcast last year, exposed sexual misconduct involving two lecturers at the University of Ghana.

The scandal triggered discussions about sexual assault in the country.