Former HIV/AIDS ambassador Joyce Dzidzor Mensah accuses her late husband of being a Sakawa Boy & Drug Addict after he Dies mysteriously.


Joyce Dzidzor Mensah former HIV/AIDS ambassador who later came out to deny ever having been infected with the virus even though she was an ambassador for Ghana AIDS Commission for several years got married about 2 years ago to a young man named G S Rolly or Edmund. They have a baby together and Joyce flamboyantly flashed her new love and supposed HIV free status with the world especially on social media.



Reports reaching #ThinkGhana indicates that G S Rolly passed away recently after suffering from a mysterious illness and this is what his wife and mother of his baby came to write on his Facebook wall;



“Edmund, I still can’t figure out what happened to you.

Since last December, I took you to kaneshie polyclinic when you developed sever leg and arm pain.

The only thing that was diagnosed was low blood in your body.

Treatment given to you wasn’t successful so I later had to take you to Mab clinic inside Darkuman.

Several lab test were run but doctor couldn’t diagnose anything.

You once confided in me that you were on drugs and I decided to help you to stop but you sometimes hid and still take them.

You also confided in me about your internet fraud with some huge some of monies you made in the past.

Finally you said you went to a juju man who asked you and your friends to perform some ritual in at the cemetery but according to you, you didn’t take part in in the ritual but only your friends did.

You were later taken back to Nigeria for treatment and I felt since you told me your mum is a doctor, she could take proper care of you.

Things were tough between us because you never took my advice.

You preferred to do things with some of your friends.

Now you are dead and gone living this baby who loves you so much behind. What killed you??

What is drug abuse or Internet fraud?? I have no answers. I loved you with all my heart and I was still fighting to get you out of such things that were harmful to you.

You will be buried today. Your little Prince and I wish you safe journey back to your maker. I called you Suger because you were my sugar.

May your soul rest in perfect peace. From your wife.”






Friends of G S Rolly did not take kindly to Joyce’s post and saw it as a cover up prevent fingers been pointed at her for infecting the young man with the HIV virus as many still believe her to be HIV positive.



They vent their spleen on G S Rolly’s Facebook wall after Joyce Dzidzor Mensah’s post;



“Lucious Lyon Posted on “G S Rolly” or Eddie (Joyce Dzidzor Mensah’s husband’s) wall on Facebook:


Smh…first of all will you even allow eddie to marry someone like you if he was your son?

How can you marry a man without even meeting his family?
Edmond was never into Fraud or drug lying witch.


You are very heartless and you will pay for this one day…you met eddy during movie shoot and his the same guy who shot your first movie titled (comm center) instead off paying him off you took advantage of my friend , told him lies about you husband and his kind heart felt sorry for you ..



You trapped him because he was broke and was very in need he was was staying with me in the same room when you started your evil oust.

I cautioned him about you but he didn’t listen … don’t blame him cause he was desperate and needed money …



You could have help him without asking him come and stay with you …

I deeply know my friend and brother eddie was killed by YOUR AIDS OR ONE OF YOUR VICTIM (MEN) you fraud …

The most high will ask you for trying to make people think he’s a bad guy
your Only motive was to have a babe with him thinking the Baby would look like him.
I saw it in your actions when we came to your house for the photo shoot.



How I wish R.I.P means return if possible
Jah knows best.”



Another friend of G S Rolly also posted on his wall;



Mart En another friend of G S Rolly came to post on his wall after Joyce Dzidzor Mensah’s comment;


“”Joyce Dzidzor Mensah; you were all over the news with your AIDS scam and no one questioned you because we have a weak and bad system here in our country but you now have the gust by posting on your wall INTERNET FRAUD or DRUGS killed our BROTHER.


You really a disgrace to womanhood, don’t try to start a WAR you can’t WIN because GS Rolly was a FRIEND & BROTHER. R.I.P Bro, we’ve got your back. ?????”