Flashback: The night Adwoa Smart seduced JJ Rawlings & got detained

Adwoa Smart & Chairman JJ Rawlings

I don’t remember the actual date but this was between 1998 and 2000, Maame Dokono, an established actress at the time had released an album which was the hit of the moment.

My personal favorite was Atanfo and to an extent, it was the song that pushed the album to that level of prominence.

Beyond her acting career, Maame Dokono was an equally prominent figure in our political circles due to her flirtatious relationship with the Rawlingses and the 31st December Women’s Movement.


She was also a Radio presenter at Choice FM and her program at the time contributed to unearthing many hidden evils done against women. I will talk about this woman one day, one of Ghana’s finest of all time. She was what I call Jack of many trades and master of all, real definition of multi-talented.

This post is about Adwoa Smart so let’s stay focussed.

There was a state function at the State Banquet Hall and Rawlings was in attendance. The Rawlings you see today is the result of tremendous evolution from the feared Chairman Rawlings of pre and post military rule. He was the feared man of the people.


Yooo Clean
Grace Omaboe (Maame Dokono) & JJ Rawlings

Maame Dokono was assigned as one of the performers at the function and she didn’t disappoint. She attended the program with some dancers too to add spice to the already reigning album.

One of her dancers was Adjoa Smart, yes, our own Adjoa Smart.

During the performance, Adjoa Smart stole the show from Maame Dokono with some interesting dance moves. Papa Jay was excited and as always, didn’t hide his excitement. When the President is happy, everyone is happy and the orchestrator of this was Adjoa Smart. This was a program aired live on the only station everyone watched in Ghana.


QSMIC suit logo

Either overwhelmed by the reaction or part of the script, Adjoa Smart started doing something unusual though for most of us including Papa Jay, it was an excellent stage craft.

Dancing in front of our President, Adjoa Smart started removing her outfits and trust me, she wore quite a number.

She’d remove a shots, flip it towards Rawlings while still dancing.

The whole room was yeeeeeeee.


City of Gold Jewellers


Adwoa stole the night despite many performances, but something happened, she was arrested after the performance by national security and released the next day for doing that to the President. Her act was deemed disrespectful to the President but I personally take it as an arrest for seducing our President.

She was released the next day after Rawlings intervened.

Who born dog?

Answer: Papa J did.

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By: Isaac Kyei Andoh