Facebook reactivates Manasseh’s account, cautions him to stop laying blocks like a “Free Mason”.


The fallout from the ultimate trollfest to hit GH social media space in the 1st quarter of this year left in it’s wake a casualty of epic proportions.

No other person than the most opinionated journalistic in the GH media space was smack down by a relatively unknown novice to the troll game.

Nana Kwame previously a ghost account holder with less than 50 friends became an overnight sensation for troll everywhere when he stuck a deadly needle loaded with a potent dosage of humility up the rare of arguably the most controversial journalist Ghana. 

Manasseh’s original post

Nana Kwame’s clapback that set off the firestorm in TrollVille. 

The “Supreme Opinionator” as some prefer to call Manasseh did not take kindly to this jab and made the fatal error of trying to explain himself to a troll & the troll universe. 

The firestorm that followed led Brother Manasseh and his bruised ego to embark on a wall construction mission the sorts that has not been seen in GH social media space since Nana Aba Anamoah social media gaffe; #NanaAbaWasThere.

Manasseh the block layer; artwork by BrightAckwerh.
The unfortunate victims of “Manasseh Block Factory” wall construction did not take it kindly as they expected a journalist of Manasseh’s stature to be more tolerant and not resort to piling blocks between himself and his “admirers and followers” soke of whom turned out to be his most vilest trolls.

The embittered ones resorted to the only option available to them at this point and reported Manasseh’s Facebook account as spam. Facebook on that other hand looking at the rate at which blocks were being manufactured on his wall decided to suspend and deactivate the account.

Industrial Printers for Sale 

In effect for close to 24 hours “Manasseh the block layer” could not access his Facebook account. This news was met with jubilation by the embittered trolls and sympathy by the originator of this whole debacle Nana Kwame, who’s friends list had by now ballooned from 48 to a whopping 5000 friends with hundreds of pending friend requests.

A few hours ago however Facebook wrote back to Manasseh reactivating his account.

Facebook email to Manasseh reactivating his account. 
Long story short Manasseh is back in full service for those who love him and those who could care less about his opinions. 

#ThinkGhana can confirm this has been one hell of an experience in humility for Manasseh and a learning experience for us all to in the land of TrollVille.
Welcome back bro!