Dzamefe Commission did a poor and biased job – GFA


Communications Director of the Ghana Football Association, Ibrahim Saani Daara, has described as lopsided and incomplete the work of the Justice Senyo Dzamefe Commission following Ghana’s participation in Brazil.

A feud over the non-payment of appearance fees to players led to a boycott of training during the World Cup and a stand-off between the players and the management until 3 million dollars was flown to Brazil to settle the monies owed them.

A Presidential Commission of Inquiry was set up to investigate issues that transpired in Brazil and ways avoid the lapses in future. “The Dzamefe Commission did not do justice to the issues that transpired in Brazil.

“The job they did was not complete because I can pinpoint several holes in it. “What brought Ghana the disgrace at the World Cup was firstly money that was paid to players when it was promised and that question was never answered in the Commission’s Report.

“From their report we knew that the money was released to the Ministry one month before the tournament. ” ‘Who kept the money? Why was the money not released?‘ All these issues have been swept under the carpet.

“Their focus has been to find something to pin on the FA,” he stated on Citi FM’s Friday night sports programme, Sports Panorama. After the release of the Dzamefe Commission Report the Government of Ghana issued a White Paper on the recommendations stated in the report.