Couple having Sex in moving Car plummet to their death (Caution: Graphic Images)


Viral images circulating online especially on twitter show a couple who were apparently having sex in the front seat of their saloon car which had plummeted to the base of a cliff resulting in their death.

The vehicle which was still in motion during the ungodly act skidded off the road and shot over the edge of the cliff.
This image was posted by the lady a few hours before her untimely demise.

The couple, a man only identified as a police officer and his partner who’s name is not immediately known are shown in pictures taken after their death still stuck in their love making position albeit this time lifeless.




Speculations abound online as to why the couple couldn’t park at the side of the road and engage in their obscene act.

The lifeless bodies of the lovebirds as discovered by commuters on the highway. 

Some say perhaps they wanted to be adventurous with their love making routine by engaging in the act while the car was still moving.

Police were yet to report to the scene of the horrible incident to convey the bodies of the deceased lovebirds. 

Investigations are underway to properly identify the deceased lovebirds but as at the time of this publication their identifies had been concealed owing to the circumstances surrounding their death.

#ThinkGhana publish these images to warn lovebirds especially adventurous ones like these couples to take their health and safety more seriously and not engage in such reckless show of affection and stupid adventure because the consequences can be dire.