Could you believe that you can get a projector just by ordering pizza?


Could you believe that you can get a projector just by ordering pizza? It may sound impossible, but you can. One of the most famous pizza companies, Pizza Hut, is running a campaign called Blockbuster Box which turns into a projector you can with your smartphone.

Margarita, pepperoni, or supreme, it doesn’t matter what you order, the Blockbuster Box provides you with a way to have an enjoyable night and get a free projector which will include FREE NETFLIX MOVIES.

pizza-hut-blockbuster-box4[Image Source: Ogilvy]

The project was created by Ogilvy Hong Kong as a marketing campaign, and it got big attention from all around the world, but it’s unfortunately only available in Hong Kong, for now.

The tiny pizza tables, which pizza boxes typically have, now have a unique and creative mission to create a projector allowing you to watch whatever you want to on your wall. It has a lens built into it!

pizza-hut-blockbuster-box2[Image Source: Ogilvy]

Easy to set up

The Blockbuster Box is very simple to set up. You can easily build it in four steps and start to watch your movie when your pizza is still hot.

pizza-hut-blockbuster-box5[Image Source: Ogilvy]

The box is perforated and folded to be set up in a few seconds. Just insert the small pizza table into the hole, which you can find on the side; put your smartphone in the box and start enjoying your movie.

pizza-hut-blockbuster-box6[Image Source: Ogilvy]

The Blockbuster Box is ideal if you just moved in a new place, and didn’t furnish your house yet. The only thing you need to do is order a pizza, setting up your Blockbuster and chill out. Or, if you just want to get a free projector, start ordering your pizza now (if you live in Hong Kong).

pizza-hut-blockbuster-box7[Image Source: Ogilvy]

Free Netflix movies!

As an incredible cooperation with Netflix, one of the most famous entertainment companies in America and all around the world, you can even watch four different movies for free via QR code.

pizza-hut-blockbuster-box8[Image Source: Ogilvy]

If you already have a Netflix account, you can still watch your favorite series as like Narcos, Orange Is The New Black, Marco Polo etc., which are quite popular nowadays.

pizza-hut-blockbuster-box[Image Source: Ogilvy]

The Blockbuster boxes are available in four stylish designs, which suit the free movies inside them. If you are a scary movie fan, the Slice Night box is the one you are looking for. Or, you can choose the Hot & Ready box if you want to have a romantic night. Of course, there are options for nerds and action lovers alike – the Fully Loaded and Anchovy Armageddon boxes. It’s just up to you.

Surely the Blockbuster Box is not a professional projector and needs some other tools, like external speakers to amplify and hear the sound in a better way. However, given that it is free, it is pretty incredible you can gain a projector just by ordering a pizza.

We are not sure if Pizza Hut or Ogilvy is planning on running the campaign in other countries, but clearly, the Blockbuster Box got big interest, and people are looking forward to using it as soon as possible.