Could this be the reason why Nana Akomea’s appointment has delayed? 2013 criticism of JM’s govt size comes back to haunt him.


In a scathing critique of the size of the John Mahama government Nana Akomea derided the numbers of Ministerial Appointments calling it a drain on the public purse. 

Since President Akufo-Addo started naming his government ministers one name that has been conspicuously missing is the communications director who steered the NPP from opposition into government. 

This has led to speculations of friction at the top heirachy of the ruling government leading some bigwigs of the party being left in the cold as their names are yet to be found on the appointment list.

Apart from Nana Akomea, NPP big shots like suspended general secretary  Kwabena Agyapong, suspended chairman Paul Afoko, Sammy Crabbe, Dr Richard Anane, Dr Addo Kufour and many more have been missing on the appointments roster. 

Acting General Secretary John Boadu narrowly escaped being sidelined when he was named on the board of Tema Oil Refinery. 

Nana Akomea at the height of the 2016 presidential campaign during the social media Kalyppo Challenge. 

Back to Nana Akomea and what the chief spokesperson of the party said in 2013 regarding the number of appointees Ex prez John Mahama had appointed.

“The Ministers are too many, there’s no way they (the NDC) can explain this to Ghanaians. Ex-President Kufuor when leaving office had 82 ministers and that was criticized profoundly by the NDC. They promised a lean government in their manifesto but not abiding to that. Late President Mills had 86 ministers during his time, so after accusing President Kufuor for appointing large number of ministers, they (the NDC) have exceeded what Kufuor did,” he said.


He further stated, “How can he (President) name six Ministers at the presidency alone? He (the President) should realign his ministers. How do you tell teachers and doctors to tighten their belt if you have named close to 90 ministers. Ghanaians never benefitted from the previous ministers under Mills administration. We are facing erratic power supply, rationing of water and no gas for the past years. What we need is institutional reform not appointing of ministers,” he said.

Nana Akomea the communications director of then opposition political party NPP critiqued the size of the John Mahama government. 

Based on this position of his in the past we at #ThinkGhana ask; will Nana Akomea have the moral fortitude to reject a presidential appointment? His appointment has been long coming and couldn’t get here any sooner of he’s not been sidelined by the powers that be.