Communications Minister Ursula Owusu rejects morality lesson from the brothel

Ursula Owusu

Communication Minister Ursula’s response to Ato Forson…


This is with reference to your letter dated 14/10/19 on the above which makes interesting reading

Kindly note that while respecting your right to interpret the law the way you choose, I am not bound to accept either your reading, understanding or interpretation of the law

I hold a contrary opinion fortified in the fact that the Electronic Communications Act which provides the legal basis for all Mobile Network Operators to work in this country gives the Minister for Communications the right to issue policy directives to the regulator in the management of the Sector

It is that power which I exercised in issuing policy directives to regulate the manner in which customers are treated by the telecoms companies.

We insist on them being treated with respect and in a non-discriminatory manner which also provides value for their money. I’m sure you will not disagree with me on this

However if you feel strongly that customers do not deserve this kind of treatment you know what to do and are entitled to your opinion. Your remedy does not lie in issuing orders and instructions to me on how to do my work.

As the adage goes, if I want lessons in good morals, I certainly will not go to a brothel for it

I respectfully decline your invitation as you are not the proper authority to declare what is or is not legal in this country.

Have a good day Sir
Yours sincerely”

Communications Minister Ursula Owusu’s response