Chris & Dami are OVER and she wants you to know; Post on IG with No Ring.


It is always sad to see a young thing come to an end. Hearts break, lovers become foes and in our techno savvy era unfollow each other on social media. That is how we announce to the world that our dream has turned into a nightmare. That happily ever after is confined to children’s play books.

Chris & Dami in happier times exclusively brought to you a few weeks ago the tragic end of the Chris Attoh – Damilola Adegbite marriage which seemed blissful from the outside but was crumbling on the inside.
The pair have remained publicly silent on it but subtle cues, like unfollowing each other on Instagram suggest GC is right in our reportage.


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Damilola has all but confirmed the divorce now with a new Instagram post, which both visually and textually confirm the fact that her marriage is entirely over.

Posting a stunning photo of herself, she captioned the post: “The wisdom to accept what I can’t change, to change what I can and to know the difference… REBIRTH.”
Her left finger, which was prominent in the photo, obviously was sending a message with what is MISSING on it.
Marriage obviously over.