BREAKING; Police Constable allegedly commits suicide on guard duty

Constable Yelnona Eugene

News Release: Death of Constable Yelnona Eugene of National Protection Unit.

The Police Administration reports of the death of No. 53543 G/Const. Yelnona Eugene stationed at the National Protection Unit (NPU) on 1st February, 2021. Investigation has already commenced to unravel the circumstances of his death, while the family of the Police Officer has also been informed of the death.

The Police Administration urges all to be sensitive and circumspect in their commentary on the death. Please read details from the attached News Release.

Police Press Release

According to our sources, Constable Yelnona Eugene stationed at National Protection Unit (NPU) has been unwell for some time and as a result, went on leave for treatment.

The deceased policeman resumed from leave on Friday January 29, 2021, but sought for an extension of the leave period to continue with his medication and treatment at home because according to him he was still not feeling well.

However, he was denied the extension and was put on guard duty at the residence of one Mr. Olympio, a Togo opposition exile in Ghana at Ridge but at the blind side of occupants shot himself in a washroom at his duty point this dawn.