Breaking News: Negative fall out of #BoycottMarwako, Hooligans attack Abelenkpe branch. 


It has come to the attention of #ThinkGhana that certain hooligans have attacked the Abelenkpe branch of Marwako Fast Foods and trued to destroy property and attempted set the place ablaze. 

Information reaching #ThinkGhana is that 3 Ghanaian men confronted a Lebanese man at the restaurant and tried to assault him but they were separated. The 3 men went and brought back a bunch of young men who tried to forcibly enter the premises to assault the patrons inside at the time both Lebanese and Ghanaians. This action terrorised the people at the restaurant who placed calls to the police who’s prompt intervention averted a catastrophe from occuring.

This is a regrettable negative fallout of the #BoycottMarwako campaign launched by certain  social media activist in reaction to the abuse of a Marwako employee by the supervisor of the Abelenkpe branch. 

Jihad Chaaban the Lebanese supervisor 

The management of Marwako have suspended the said supervisor Jihad Chaaban to allow police to investigate the unfortunate incident in which he is alleged to have shoved the head of the female employee Ellen Boakye into blended pepper. 

Ellen Boakye the employee who was abused by her supervisor.

We are told police have been deployed to the Abelenkpe branch to restore law and order. 

This regrettable fallout of the #BoycottMarwako campaign is quite unfortunate as it would neither lead to the punishment of the abuser or compensation for the victim. 

This is not the first time Marwako has been in the news for violence and mob action. In July 2014 a police man who had shot and killed a taxi driver and was being pursued by a mob sought refuge at the Mamobi branch of the fast food chain. A mob beseech the managers of the branch asking for the head of the police officer but the branch manager and the employees protected him until reinforcement arrived to rescue him.

#ThinkGhana will bring you more on the developing story….