Beyond N and C: How alphabet dating is reviving relationships bogged down in constant Netflix and Chilling


For long-term couples date nights are often a rare and sporadic occasion but thanks to Alphabet Dating the emphasis on off-kilter courting is back.

While reaching that point in your relationship where you don’t have to worry about lounging in your PJs all day or covering up a monstrous spot is no doubt special, the idea of going that extra mile can get lost.

That’s where Alphabet Dating comes in.

The concept, which has seen a spike in Google searches over the last week, is simple: You and your other half take it in turns to plan regular dates taking inspiration from the alphabet to plan you activity.

If you want to make it extra fun, try keeping the idea a secret from each other.

Keen to give it a go? Whether you’re looking to do it on a budget or go all out, here’s our guide to the dates that might just getyou out of that relationship rut:

A: Step back in time and visit your local arcade or book into an airbnb, home or away.

B: Organise a trip on a boat or head out for a boozy bar crawl.

C: Go camping for the weekend or do a bit of smooching in the back row of the cinema.

D: Dinner’s too easy so why not make it a double date instead or if you’re feeling flush plan a trip to Disneyland.

E: Go exploring and head out for a walk together or eat out at your favourite restaurant.

F: If your love is into football then take them to a match or stay indoors and build a fort.

G: Feeling sporty? Why not go for a spot of golf or really get your hearts racing by going go-karting.

H: Drink your way through happy hour or crack out the mountain boots for a spot of hiking.

I: Visit your local ice skating rink or use it as a good excuse to eat some ice cream.

J: Indulge with a night in the jacuzzi or visit a jazz club.

K: Serenade your love at karaoke or spend the day in the park flying kites.

L: Running out of ideas? Lunch is an easy option but why not take up something new, French lessons perhaps?

M: Get your friends round for a game of Monopoly or take a cultural day out at a museum.

N: Head out for a night on the town or if that’s not your thing, take a trip to a local nature reserve.

O: Get fancy with a visit to the opera or spend the day by the ocean.

P: A pub lunch is the perfect Sunday date or you could take a picnic to the park.

Q: Try heading to a quiz night or if you’re a foodie make some quesadillas.

R: Are you both shopaholics? A little bit of retail therapy could do the trick. If not, venture out and take a road trip.

S: Take a dip and go swimming together or spend the night stargazing.

T: Embrace your inner child at a theme park or if it’s culture you’re after head to the theatre.

U: In need of a holiday? Why not plan a UK getaway. Alternatively, challenge each other by trying some unusual foods.

V: Get freaky and watch some vampire movies or volunteertogether at a local charity.

W: Celebrate with a spot of wine tasting or for the more adventurous go wall climbing.

X: Get up to something X-rated or have a lazy day playing the Xbox.

Y: Tune in to each other at a yoga class or say yes to something you usually wouldn’t.

Z: Finish of your alphabet dating experiment with a trip to the zooor cosy up together and catch some well-deserved Zzzs.


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