Atomic Junction Gas Explosion; owner of Mansco Gas blames Khebab seller for starting fire.


A khebab seller is being fingered as the one whose activities caused the fire at Atomic Junction near Madina in Accra on Saturday night.

The gas explosion led to the death of at least seven people with more than 132 people sustaining various injuries.

More than 20 vehicles were also burnt.

Mr George Owusu, Manager of Mansco Gas Filling Station

The manager of the burnt gas station, Mr George Owusu alleges that people around the accident scene claim the fire started from the khebab seller.




Speaking to journalists, Mr Owusu said it was his sister who first informed him about the fire, adding that, he called his accountant who was at the gas station at the time.

“I was at home and my sister called me that there is news that there was fire at atomic junction… so as soon as I heard it, I called my accountant several times but he never picked up….he called me later and told me what has happened”, he said.

Responding to a question on how the explosion started, Mr Owusu said “the time I came in, one of them told me that it was the khebab guy who caused the fire”.

However, he added, “up till now, I have not seen the khebab guy’, pointing out that “but I know there was somebody doing the khebab business around”.

Mr Owusu denied allegations that prior to the explosion, the gas was leaking.

“I was here in the morning. There was no leakage…so it is not true that the gas was leaking”, he said.


At least seven people have been confirmed dead with dozens injured in the Madina Atomic Junction gas explosion that occurred on Saturday night in Accra.

Two of the deceased are said to have been knocked down by a speeding vehicle during the chaos.

The fire is said to have started at about 7 p.m on Saturday night.