Atomic Junction Gas Explosion; Lawyer Ace Ankomah mocks Kojo Yankson’s Chinchinga theory


Kojo Yankson pointing to the covered Khebab seller’s stand which supposedly started the fire.


Saturday’s gas explosion at Atomic Junction has once again raised concerns of our nations preparedness to deal with the reckless siting of gas stations in densely populated/residential areas.

In what has now become a viral Facebook video; Joy FM journalist & morning show host Kojo Yankson postulated the cause of the fire to have been a barbecue/chinchinga/khebab seller who set up shop close to the has station and sparked the naked flame which led to the explosion of the gas plant.

Many has rubbished this assertion including the Ghana National Fire Service which has oversight responsibility for determining the cause of the explosion and fire.

Lawyer Ace Ankomah a private legal practitioner and media commentator has issued a hilarious statement on his Facebook page to mock what has now become known as the Chinchinga Theory.



Read below….

Ace Ankomah :

KhebabMan must be some kind of Superman with magical powers. Watch this:

With a ‘visible’ gas leakage, with a gas smell all over the place, and with people being evacuated, he insists on lighting a fire. So he (1) puts charcoal in the grill, (2) adds paper to it, (3) pours kerosine, (4) takes out a box of matches or a lighter, and then (5) starts a fire.

When his fire connected with the gas and the explosions started, he had time to (1) gather all of his meat, oil, onions and pepper mix and accoutrements, (2) put out his fire in the grill, (3) place an aluminum cover over the grill, (4) place stones on the cover, and then (5) flee for dear life.

I put it to you that the fire knew the man. Ghana, we have our own ‘Daenerys of the House Targaryen, The Unburnt’. Let’s check. He probably has dragons at home!