Alleged Lebanese rapist remanded in custody for 2 weeks by court


Rabih Haddad


The Lebanese national, Haddad Rabih, who has been accused of raping his 19-year-old househelp at Airport Hills residential area in Accra last Saturday, has been remanded into police custody for two weeks by the Accra Metropolitan Assembly Court.

He was charged with rape at the court on Tuesday. His plea was not taken.

Four policemen from the East Legon District Police Command arrested Rabih around 11:45 pm on Sunday following a complaint that he forcibly had sex with the victim around 5 pm on Saturday.

This was said to have allegedly happened in the absence of his wife and other occupants of his household after reportedly subjecting the victim to severe beatings for resisting his demands.

According to the victim (name withheld), who speaks only Ewe and French, the suspect beat her up mercilessly after she refused to accede to his demands.

He allegedly slapped her twice on the face, finally overpowered her and dragged her to his bedroom to rape her, the victim told police investigators.