Akufo-Addo must NOT fail us, he must succeed – LongMan 


Fresh off a historic electoral victory the Akufo-Addo government enjoys goodwill unparalleled in the democratic process of Ghana.

Almost every Ghanaian except the eternal cynics and sore losers wish our new “older” president success because when he succeeds, we all succeed.

Although a sizable number of Ghanaians are petrified for the so called empty public chest, for the almost collapsed economy by President Akufo-Addo’s “Santa Claus like” doling out of Ministerial Appointments. These appointments handed to party functionaries, surrogates and loyal apparatchiks who laboured with Nana in the trenches when his chances of ascending the highest office of the land seemed bleak. 

I believe a far greater majority of Ghanaians genuinely wish our President and Commander in Chief well.
The writer Felix Darfour (#LongMan)

Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo must not fail us. He can not fail us. He should not fail us. 

We must all make sure he succeed because his failure will do irreparable damage to the psyche of Young Ghanaians with respect to our understanding, estimation and expectation of change.

If he fails our believe in not just politicians but democracy itself will be crushed. We will descend deep into the depths of cynism, nonchalance and political gore. 

It would not be far fetched to assume a nation approaching the precipice of self inflicted dictatorial leadership out of public disinterest in the politics of voting for candidates. This will be the consequence of an unlikely Akufo-Addo failure. 

We have lived through a government which was described to us and we came to accept as INCOMPETENT. Regardless of how hard that government tried to wash off this unfortunate tag it was drummed home to us; the young people of Ghana that we deserved better than what they were offering. 

Their incompetence became a mantra etched in our memories like Geobbel’s Nazi propaganda against Jews in Europe during World War II. We regurgitated and cast them out on election day, 1.5 million valid votes difference, that was no mean feat.

We embraced the offering of a fresh perspective from an older man leading a new generation and imbibed his wisdom. we succumbed to the flowery language and telepathic relativism of his men who perused every facet of the previous governments decisions and policies. 

We believed that mediocrity had no place in the governance process of the Ghanaian experimentation of Democracy. We did go out in our numbers and voted out the said incompetent horde and ushered our nation into the welcoming arms of those who fed us the rhetoric of change, competent change, effective change, efficient change.

President Akufo-Addo tweets

We need an army to turn our fortunes around you tell us. The task before us is colossal, we need numbers, huge numbers, unprecedented numbers to fix the porous system you tell us.

We have shrugged off our doubts, we have impaled our pessimism, we have opted for success and that is what our sights are set on.

Fix the system, seal the leaky economy. Form a parallel public sector with your competent men if you must. But remember failure is not an option. 

Yes Akufo-Addo must succeed. 

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