African Fashion Print Skirt With White Buttoned Shirts Is One Fabulous Style Combo!


Nothing speaks more to the freedom of fashion than print skirt/bottoms and your corporate white shirt. Thanks to the team at Madivas we get to bring you this beautiful compilation of African print fashion from style bloggers around the world in the print bottoms and white tops.

What stands out with this unique mix is it’s not far from corporate, its not far from casual, and it’s definitely not far from evening wear. Enjoy the images below and make sure you make room in your wardrobe for this combination.ankara-and-white-shirt-1 ankara-and-white-shirt-2 ankara-and-white-shirt-3 ankara-and-white-shirt-4 ankara-and-white-shirt-5 ankara-and-white-shirt-6 ankara-and-white-shirt-7 ankara-and-white-shirt-8