Aburi Girls SHS campus littered with used sanitary pads by students


Aburi Girls’ Senior High School in the Eastern region seems to be struggling with the management of  student-used sanitary pads on campus.

A visit to the School by Starr News found bizarre condition of multiple  abandoned used pads at open spots at the school.

Sanitary pads soaked with blood were found littered at the washroom, entrance of dormitories and at the back of the washroom.

Though majority of the students are on vacation, a good number of them are still on campus.

A laborer in the school who spoke to Starr News on condition of anonymity said the situation is a  major problem facing laborers on campus. He said students mostly discard their used sanitary pads recklessly  especially at the back of their dormitories and washrooms.

Research estimates that a women is likely to use as high as 17 pieces of sanitary pads throughout her menstrual period, but largely depending on the amount of  flow (heavy or lighter ) .

Authorities of the all-female school have refused to respond to calls for comments on the development.

Menstrual hygiene management remains a major challenge for most teenage Girls in Ghana and Africa at large.

UNICEF estimates that one out of every ten girls on the continent misses days in school during menstruation or drops out entirely because of lack of appropriate facilities to manage their female cycles.

Source: Starrfmonline