Hon. Bryan Acheampong

1. Member of Parliament Abetifi Constituency.
2. Minister of State for the Ministry of Interior.
3. Former Minister of State for National Security.
4. Founder, Kwahu Professionals Network (KPN).
5. Founder, Kwahu Republic (KR).
6. Founder, Bryan Acheampong Foundation (BAF).
7. Owner, Rock City Hotel – Nkwatia Kwahu.
8. Developer, Kwahu State House Project – Abetifi Kwahu.
9. Established, Bliss on the Hills Music Festival.
10. Built 5 mechanised Boreholes in 5 deprived communities benefitting oer 3000 people in the Constituency.
11. Launched a Maternal and Child Health Projects benefitting 600 mothers and 1000 infants.
12. Launched an annual BAF scholarship that benefits 200 undergraduates and postgraduate students.
13. Provision of school supplies to 14,000 pupils from 115 basic schools.
14. Thrift Shop in 4 communities where the elderly above 65 years can shop free of charge benefitting more than 500 elderly people who also enjoy free NHIS registration.
15. Donated GHS821,000 in COVID-19 support to 7 Constituencies and Health Facilities in Eastern Region.
16. Extension of Electricity Connectivity to 25 Communities.
17. Installation of Street Lights in 40 Communities including Akwasiho, Abetifi, Bokuruwa and Kwahu Tafo.
18. Provision of Free Electricity to 1,400 households Constituency wide.
19. Provision of Free Water Supply to 1,000 households Constituency wide.
20. Donation of a 150KV Generator to Abetifi College of Education benefitting 1,500 students and staff.

Projects in Abetifi Constituency 7
Projects in Abetifi Constituency 6
Projects in Abetifi Constituency 5

21. Construction of 3 – 12 unit classroom blocks in several communities benefitting more than 6,000 teachers and students Constituency wide.
22. Construction of modern sanitary toilet facilities including Water Closets(W/C), KVIP and Bio Gas facilities benefitting over 3000 families including students, teachers and markets women.
23. Construction and rehabilitation of about 100km of road networks, culverts and roundabouts in about 10 communities including Kwahu Tafo, Onyemso, Ahinase, Nkwatia, Nkwantanang, Pepease etc.
24. Health Infrastructure; construction of a chips compound at Nteso, Miaso and Oframase benefitting 3000 patients.
25. Construction of a 30 bed capacity ward at Kwahu Tafo St. Joseph’s Clinic benefitting 1,127 patients.
26. Construction of Imaging centers at Bokuruwa benefitting 2000 patients.
27. Construction of 24 unit market shed at Hweehwee, construction of market pavilion at Kotoso.
28. Construction of multipurpose District Assembly Complex at Abetifi.
29. Construction of durbar grounds at Hweehwee
30. Job Creation; 90 youth employed under YEA community policing and sanitation in Abetifi, Nkwatia and Tafo. NABCO recruited 120 unemployed graduates and Youth in Afforestation employed 200 youth Constituency wide. Youth in Hospitality Management employs 250 youth Constituency wide.

Projects in Abetifi Constituency 4
Projects in Abetifi Constituency 3
Projects in Abetifi Constituency 3

31. Facilitation of Driver’s license acquisition for 300 Taxi Drivers. LIPW Direct Job Creation for 320 youth and farmers.
32. Agriculture and Rural Development; subsidies on farm inputs for 2,500 farmers. Supply of 50,000 cocoa seedlings to 100 farmers. Supply of 200,000 cashew seedlings to 2,500 farmers.
33. Provision of one tractor to help farmers at a subsidized fee. Provision of one pickup truck and 14 motorbikes to Agric Extension Officers Constituency wide.
34. Trade and Industry; provision of loan facilities to 300 market women nd SMEs, COVID-19 Alleviation Fund benefitting 193 market women and SMEs and Youth Apprenticeship Program for 20 beneficiaries.
35. Provision of Fully kitted Ambulance and Ambulance bay employing 25 personnel.
36. Provision of 14,000 NHIA cards and ensuring it’s usage Constituency wide.
37. Trained 120 Maternal and Child Health Promoters and 500 pregnant women Constituency wide.
38. Regulated the activities of Nomadic Herdsmen and restore sanity in farming communities.
39. Educational Support; provision of 4,000 dual and mono desks for basic schools Constituency wide.
40. District Teacher appreciation day for 1,600 and non-teachng staff in the District.
41. Set up a GHC416,000 scholarship package for 70 teachers to pursue Master’s Degree at Presbyterian University College of Ghana(PUCG).
42. Procurement and distribution of 30,000 school uniforms for 15,000 pupils in the District.

Projects in Abetifi Constituency 10
Projects in Abetifi Constituency 9
Projects in Abetifi Constituency 8

43. Initiated, KPN BUSINESS FORUM.
45. Initiated, KPN Yenko Kwahu Festival.
46. Initiated, Kwahu Tourism Multimedia Project.
47. Established, Kwahu Republic Cup.
48. Established, KWAHU Expo 2024
49. Established Kwahu Republic Tourism Club
50. Established Kwahu Wicked Marathon

Happy birthday Hon. Bryan Acheampong


51. Expansion of school feeding program to include 22 more schools.

52. LEAP expanded to include 150 more households.

53. Support Public Workers Department (PWD) with tools and equipment, educational support and medical assistance.
54. Established, Kwahu Republic Canoe Racing
55. Established Kwahu Heritage Museum

Source: Felix Darfour(LongMan), Communications Director, KPN.